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Terms & Conditions

  1. Gold coins can be purchased by using debit card / internet banking option(list of accepted banks is available in the payment gateway screen)
  2. Cash on delivery option will not be available.
  3. Buyer has to register his/her details in our website before moving on to order an item
  4. Gold coins ranging from 1 gm to 50 gm will be available for purchase
  5. Maximum quantity that can be ordered in a single purchase is 50 gm.
  6. Home delivery is available (within 40 km radius from the selected branch)
  7. Only the gold coin/bars shown under “Our products” category will be available for order.
  8. Persons above 18 years of age and having Indian Nationality are only allowed to purchase / order gold coin/bar through our website.
  9. Customer has to provide two ID proof numbers for purchasing gold coins (one photo ID and one address proof). A combined document showing both ID and address will also suffice.
  10. Gold coin/bar will be delivered within seven working days from the date of payment is received.
  11. Gold coin/bar will be delivered only in the delivery address provided by the buyer at the time of ordering.
  12. Gold coin/bar will not be delivered to any of the authorized representatives of the buyer (other than the person mentioned in the delivery address).
  13. Gold coin/bar will be delivered to the buyer only after verifying the ID proof/address proof against the original which is updated in our website at the time of registering.
  14. If buyer makes double payment for a single transaction, such amount will be refunded within seven working days.
  15. Bank transaction charges will be applicable (charges will be different for various banks)
  16. Once the order is successful and amount is credited in our account, customer has to take delivery of such gold coin/bar. Cancellation of order and refund of the paid amount will not be permitted.
  17. 24 kt 999 pure gold coin/bar will be delivered against the orders placed.
  18. Deity selected at the time of ordering will not be allowed to change and no request to change the deity on delivery will be entertained.
  19. Buyer has to ensure that the quantity (in grams and in numbers) matches with the ordered ones before signing the acknowledgement receipt. No complaints after the acceptance of ordered coin/bar will be entertained.
  20. Purity certificate of the coins are printed in the gold coin packs.
  21. If the bank rejects to honor the payment transaction made by the buyer towards an order to purchase gold coin/bar, Muthoot Precious Metals Corporation shall have the right not to dispatch/ship the order without any liability.
  22. Delivery of gold coins outside the country is not permitted.
  23. All taxes/duties on the date of ordering the coin/bar will be applicable. Each state shall have different taxation policy which will be applicable at the time of ordering the gold coin/bar.
  24. If any dispute arises the legal jurisdiction will only be at Ernakulam.